The latest Mass Times for the coming week.

Saturday 6:30pm Aidan Clerkin A
Sunday 8:30am Abraham Abraham 'Ints'
Sunday 9:45am David Whitbread A
Sunday 11:15am Thomans & Elizabeth Murphy A
Sunday 12:30pm Michael Ford A
Sunday 6:30pm Mary Stewart A
Day: Time: Intentions:
Monday 8:00am Justin Whelehan RIP
Monday 10:00am Luca Bondi RIP
Tuesday 8:00am Apollo, Dorothy, Matthew, Bella, Annie Family RIP
Tuesday 10:00am Quintina & Charlie Lobo RIP
Wednesday 8:00am George Ariyanayakam RIP
Wednesday 10:00am Cesare & Adrian Bussandri A
Thursday 8:00am John O'Kane RIP
Thursday 10:00am Ian Hammond RIP
Friday 8:00am Peggy Ruane RIP
10:00am Marian Gilchrist RIP
10:00am Justin Whelehan RIP
Parish Office
Days: Time: Location:
Mon; Tue-Fri 10:30am-1pm; 9am-1pm.
Parish Hall.
Mothers Prayers
Day: Time: Location:
Wednesday 8:00pm Small Hall
Exposition and Devotions
Days: Time: Location:
Monday to Wednesday 6:45am-7:45am Church
Rosary for Persecuted Christians
Day: Time: Location:
Sunday After 8:30am and 9:45am masses Church in front of tabernacle
Day: Time: Location:
Saturday 10.30am-11:00am Church
Saturday 5:30pm-6:00pm Church
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
Day: Time: Location:
Friday after 10am Mass Church
Feast Days
Day: Saint:  
Tuesday St Agnes, Virgin & Martyr  
Friday St Francis de Sales, Bishop & Doctor  
Saturday The Conversion of St Paul