Despite the heat, Fr David completed the course, running the 2018 London Marathon in aid of the Catholic Children's Society (Westminster). You can still support him here.


Fr David is running the London Marathon on Sunday 22 April in aid of Catholic Children's Society (Westminster). You can support him here. And if you take any photos of him running, send them to us and we'll put them up on the website!

Welcome (back) to Monsignor Tom Egan and Fr Mark Walker who are helping Fr David this weekend. We also welcome Deacon David Knight and Deacon Ian Coleman.

As the academic year draws to a close, we find ourselves in the season of graduations, ordinations and farewells!  Well done to those who have done exams or are preparing to move on in education. On Thursday, Mr Meehan and I attended the 'Celebration of Service Mass' at Westminster Cathedral as we said thank you to Bishop Wilson for his work in the Education Service.  He is becoming the new Archbishop of Southwark. Last week, I celebrated Mass at the cathedral for all the diocesan teachers who have completed the Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies.  Speaking of the diocese, please also keep in your prayers Alex Balzanella who is ordained deacon today in Rome, and Ben Woodley and Julian Davies who will be ordained priests soon.

Today is the feast of the holy apostles Peter and Paul, patron saints of the city and church of Rome.  Known as the 'columns of the Church', they have been venerated since the earliest times as the greatest of the Lord's apostles.  An apostle is someone who is sent out.  Both these individuals, Simon and Saul, overcame their own pasts and experienced the grace of conversion in their lives - symbolised by their new names - and allowed themselves to be sent by the Holy Spirit to announce the Gospel to the  ends of the earth.  Today we wear red vestments as a reminder that they stained the ground of Rome with the witness of their own blood.  Peter died by crucifixion and Paul was beheaded.


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