A very happy feast day to you all! Today is the solemnity of the holy apostles Peter and Paul, the co-patrons of the city and Church of Rome. Peter and Paul are also known as the 'pillars of the Church'. Today we pray for the current Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis, and indeed for the whole Church united by a wonderful fountain of unity and communion.

Fr David met Deacon David Knight this week at the official end of his placement. David should have been ordained at Westminster Cathedral this weekend but was postponed because of the crisis. We are pleased to say his ordination will now take place in September. We will invite David back to the parish in the autumn to celebrate a special Mass for us in thanksgiving for his ordination. Thank you to everyone here for making him so welcome and helping with his formation.

Back in Lent, Fr David and some parishioners were very happy to attend the Installation of Rev. Matt Harbage as the new Vicar of St Paul's Church, New Southgate. A week later, we all went into lockdown. On Friday, Fr David and Fr Andrew were glad to have our first proper meeting with Fr Matt which took the form of a pleasant walk through Brookdale and Arnos Park. We're very glad to welcome him and his wife, and we look forward to continuing our friendship with everyone at St Paul's.

Don't forget you can hear a message from us at the church every day on the phone number 020 8016 2207.

Please watch this very important message from the Cardinal. If you can't watch this video, we will put it on the special phone message on Sunday (28 June) for you to hear (dial 020 8016 2207):
     Resuming Public Liturgies
In this video, the Cardinal describes that we are not going back to the normal and familiar, emphasises the need for new volunteers and says that Mass in the...

You will have received the happy news that from 4th July, public acts of worship can be resumed, within certain guidelines and following social distance procedures. We know how long you have waited and how patient you have been. We are working on this now throughout the diocese, the deanery and in the parish. During the coming week, and next weekend, we will announce our plans and carefully talk everyone through the procedure. We think it is most likely here that we will begin Masses on Monday 6th July (TBC). For now, please consider the following:
•    Please be ready to adapt your old routines to a new schedule and the safety procedures.
•    Please bear in mind that the Sunday obligation will continue to be suspended for everyone. Ask yourself: do I need to come to Mass on Sunday morning if I can also come to Mass at another time during the week? The church is small and there will be a limit on the capacity. What can I do to make it possible for as many people as possible to come to Mass? This is about generosity. We will not be able to come to Mass every day.

We are grateful to everyone who has visited the church for prayer, and to the volunteer stewards. It is likely we will need to revise the times when the church is open once we reintroduce Masses.

We need more volunteers to help with stewarding when Masses resume. Can you help? (Younger parents, students, young adults - we're looking at you!)

We are also working on the question of confessions which should be available here very soon. More information next weekend. Thank you for your patience.

Sadly, we have been advised by the diocese that baptisms or confirmations cannot be resumed yet. Sacraments that involve a much closer physical contact are still under consideration by the church authorities. We know many of you had baptisms booked and have waited patiently for further news. We will bring you up-to-date information as soon as we have it.

The Parish Office is now open again from 10am-2pm Monday-Friday. However, you should telephone or email the office, not ring the doorbell. It is still not possible to visit in person.

We understand that many of our hall users and parish groups will need to make plans for their activities, and we are grateful for your patience. The latest government advice mentions community centres, advising against opening for fitness and sporting activities. The government states that further guidance will be coming soon. As yet, we are not yet ready to complete the risk assessments and other procedures here for our church hall. Hall users and group leaders can contact the office if they would like to discuss the situation but we will not be able to open at the same times as Masses resume.

Government advice to places of worship continues to say: "Certain groups of people may still be at increased risk of severe disease from COVID-19, including people who are 70 or older, regardless of medical conditions. Individuals who fall within this group are advised to stay at home as much as possible and, if they do go out, to take particular care to minimise contact with others outside of their household."

The annual collection for the Pope's charities is postponed until later in the year.

Wednesday is the Feast of the Dedication of Westminster Cathedral. Friday is the Feast of St Thomas, apostle.