Good to see a positive story about the Church in the MSM (main stream media). Melanie McDonagh writes in The Times:

44 people entered seminaries and monasteries in England and Wales last year; in 2003 it was 24. There were 3,255 people received into the Church this Easter. And in London especially, dynamic priests have helped. In the past decade, the church of Holy Ghost in Balham, South London, doubled its congregation.

The Catholic chaplaincy in Cambridge is similarly dynamic. Father Alban McCoy, the chaplain says, “we've had to buy extra communion hosts, extra chairs...we had 15 converts this year. And we've had 14 vocations to the priesthood and religious life since 2000.” Some of the growth is down to the emphasis in the chaplaincy on examining the faith - but he also gives credit to the present Pope. “He's done a lot to boost the confidence of the young,” he says. There's been similar growth at the University of Kent where the chaplain, Father Peter Geldard, perhaps best sums up the formula that seems to be working so well for the Catholic Church. “It's orthodox,” he says. “And mainstream.” That combination is saving Catholicism.

As they say, read it all.